About Zen Bamboo

Zen Bamboo is a specialist bamboo plant nursery for the home garden and other landscaping needs. Whilst there are more than 1000 varieties of bamboo in the World, we're just focusing on a few types to help transform backyard gardens into private tropical sanctuaries... and to also block out the pesky neighbours at the same time!

We provide high quality bamboo plants grown to landscaping standards. We stock a variety of non-invasive, clumping bamboos in a range of sizes.

We operate in the Newcastle/Central Coast areas in New South Wales as well as in Canberra.

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    We strive to provide the best value bamboo plants and great customer service to help you achieve your desired garden goals - whether it be privacy requirements or a lush tropical look to your garden.

    We are bamboo plant specialists, horticulture trained, with in-depth bamboo knowledge on different bamboo plant varieties and ongoing care requirements.

    We will provide tailored advice specific to your garden needs to help ensure appropriate species selection, planting considerations and ongoing maintenance advice.

    We'll strive to make your bamboo thrive!