Bamboo Plants for Your Investment Property

Bamboo plants offer several simple and practical solutions for property investors.


Simple Bamboo Solutions

Landscaping and Privacy Screens

Bamboo can be used to create beautiful landscaping features and natural privacy screens. Planting bamboo strategically along property borders can provide a visually appealing and cost-effective way to enhance privacy for tenants or residents.

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Erosion Control

If your property has slopes or areas prone to erosion, bamboo can be an excellent solution. Its dense root system helps stabilise soil and prevent erosion. Planting bamboo on slopes can mitigate erosion issues and protect the property from potential damage.


Noise Reduction

Bamboo has sound-absorbing qualities, making it an effective natural barrier against noise pollution. If your property is located in a noisy area, consider planting bamboo near windows or outdoor gathering spaces to reduce the impact of noise on residents or tenants.


    Remember, when using bamboo, it's important to select non-invasive bamboo species suitable for your region. The bamboo you see on the side of major roads is likely to be running bamboo. We strongly advise you to steer clear of this type of bamboo. At Zen Bamboo, we only stock non-invasive bamboo that is tried and tested in Canberra and Newcastle/Central Coast regions.

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