Why choose bamboo?

In addition to adding a lush tropical element to any garden, bamboo is a fantastic solution for privacy. Do you have a large house next door or neighbours you want to screen out? Bamboo is a great solution for these privacy needs, and can achieve significant height in a short time frame.

Maintaining bamboo is simple and straightforward. We stock clumping bamboo (non-invasive) which has a limited root system that will not overrun a garden. Managing the height, thickness and overall size of the bamboo is very achievable. We provide the right advice for different planting situations to ensure any bamboo is a success in your garden.

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Planting and Care Guide

At Zen Bamboo we provide you with a step-by-step planting and care guide to get your bamboo in the ground and off to the best start.

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Our Plant Promise

Not sure about buying bamboo online? We get it.

Our plant promise: We will supply a photo of all plants ordered before we deliver to you, or you pickup. This way customers can be assured of the quality plants they've ordered. If you are not happy with the plants in the photo, you can either request other stock, or we will provide a refund.