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Gracilis (Bambusa Textilis Gracilis)

Gracilis (Bambusa Textilis Gracilis)

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Gracilis, also known as Slender Weavers, is well suited to suburban backyards. This clumping bamboo is a fast grower and is adaptable to many soil conditions and climates.

This variety is perfect for screening/privacy. Gracilis will comfortably screen out a standard double storey house next door. Or, should you want a smaller height, Gracilis can be pruned to the desired height.  It can also be can grown in narrow garden beds (from 500mm), if adequately maintained.

Its graceful slender leaves and tall upright culms add to its appeal. Once established it is low maintenance. 

​How fast will it grow? As long as the plant has optimum growing conditions and is well maintained, it should double in height and density each year (to maturity height). 

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