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Root Barrier (1mm thick) 600mm wide, sold by the meter

Root Barrier (1mm thick) 600mm wide, sold by the meter

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Root barrier is Australian manufactured quality, 1mm recycled high density Polyethylene.

Root barrier can be used to entirely encompass a garden bed.  This technique is used when you have reduced space that you want to plant into.  Using the root barrier on all sides and overlapping by around 300mm will help ensure the bamboo stays inside the desired garden bed space.  This is a great way to use the bamboos in small garden beds of between 300 and 400mm wide

Root barrier needs to be installed to 400mm deep and there should be around 100mm sticking out above the ground.  This will be hidden by the plants.  That is the depth that the bamboos roots generally will grow to.  It is suggested to dig a narrow trench using a mattock, insert the root guard vertically, then plant the bamboo.

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